Monday, March 18, 2019

Necessities Keep Me Necessary

I love feeling like a person who is needed.

I really LOVE being the person who people can count on. I have a straw, a fork, an ice pack, some Advil, a towel, some wet wipes. It's neatly tucked away, and it's clean, but my car is the place to go when someone needs something. A lot of people know this, and I’ve gotten texts from the girls’ dance teachers, asking me to please bring in a fork, or a napkin, and I never complain. I like being that person.

It’s silly, really. It’s not like I’m necessary because I provide legal counsel or first aid or business advice. I’m the one with a pen, a printout of a schedule, hairspray, or Bobby pins at a competition, but although I might be able to provide a screwdriver or sewing kit, I can’t do any of those repairs. I’m certainly not vital when it comes down to the important stuff.

Still, I like my role. I like that this is “my thing” and that I’m the person who can be counted on.

Because, really, that’s what it is. Not only am I the one with the stuff, but I’m someone who will be there whenever I’m supposed to, not flaky and skipping things. I’m willing to share, not selfish, and I’m good natured about it.

I’m prepared, I’m calm, I’m present, and I’m THERE.

I’m ok with being the necessities person. Truly, it makes me feel important, even if it’s in a very small way, and that is something I’ll make sure not to let go.
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