Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Weighing the Options

Adam and I had our quarterly “we are spending too much money” talk. We do it periodically, but the winter end one is the worst. It usually happens in March, right after holidays and birthdays that always leave us with bigger bills from gifts and hosting duties, and winter laziness that inspires us to pick up takeout. When we’re in the season of weekend dance competitions, meaning snack bar and merchandise and photo purchases. Right around when we’re doing the taxes. I LOVE it. It’s totally my favorite time.

So then we get all frustrated with each other, because we swear that the purchases we’re making are TOTALLY ESSENTIAL, because neither of us wants to own up to our irresponsible ways. Because sometimes, it’s not necessary, but just for sanity purposes, it’s necessary after all.

Does that make sense?

I've entered the phase of "if it's going to help me, let's do it". For example, I'm still pretty good about vacuuming the car weekly. But my kids are impressive creatures, and it's still not always enough. Although I love my new car, I still lust for that minivan with the vacuum BUILT RIGHT IN. So when I had the chance to buy a car vacuum for a reasonable price, I jumped.

I bought a second Dream Duffel this year too. I just couldn’t manage to fit everything both girls need into one, especially since they’ve been having all their dances on the same day.

Are these essentials? No. Obviously not. I could point out all the non essentials that Adam buys too, but that’s not helpful. What we need to do for EACH OTHER is realize that we’re weighing the options ourselves, and we need to do it for each other. Competition weekends are horribly stressful for me, and if a second bag makes it more manageable, he knows that it’s worth it. Buying pictures, less so, and I’m happy to compromise on that.

At least until our next quarterly review!
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