Friday, April 12, 2019

Finding the Perfect Gift

My primary love language is gifts.

I know, I know. That's the shallow one.'s not. When I am searching for the perfect gift, it is a measure of how much I'm thinking about you. What I know about you. What FITS you. And when someone gets me something that is just perfect, I feel like they get ME. They know me. As anyone who has this as their primary knows, it truly isn't about the expense or even the item. As long as it feels sincere, it can be a gift card or a vacuum or a pack of M&Ms. It's the gesture. I saw this bag of Jolly Ranchers and thought about you, because you always have them in your purse. I got you a gift card for your birthday because you've been talking about choosing a new tablecloth. I got you this bike because I know you've been longing to ride with the girls.

But a gift person isn't just about getting. Actually, they're usually NOT about getting as much as they're about giving. I really think about giving. The perfect gift for our babysitter who just got her license. The perfect graduation gift for a cousin who is about to teach her first class. The perfect gift for my husband who loves snarky t-shirts to wear under his work clothes.

Gifters think. They dig deep. It really is an act of love.

And when they receive, they look for how well you know them, not how fancy you are. A $500 bracelet might come as a disappointment - if they don't wear jewelry. And the "go ahead and pick something out and I'll order it" can feel like a brush off if it's left totally open ended. A "go ahead and choose a color because I know you've been lusting after these shoes,"...that's different.

The girls and I were recently shopping for a birthday gift, and I'm starting to teach them the importance of knowing who they're buying for. It's a lesson it's important to learn!
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