Monday, July 22, 2019

No Excuses

First off, I should say that I kind of hate part of the implication of the "no excuses" thing. Yes, extenuating circumstances exist everywhere in life. Not only that, but you don't owe anyone else any justification for anything you choose. If you say something like, "it's not a priority for me", own that, because it's a legitimate reason you aren't doing something.

But it's not an excuse.

Here's why I'm focused on this right now. Recently, I've been in yet ANOTHER slump around the house. The kind where laundry and paperwork and dust bunnies pile up, and I'm just looking at a ridiculous to do list, and then playing Candy Crush while watching TV instead of doing any of it. Then, when I have to answer to anyone (including myself) as to why we're getting take out for dinner again, I say that I've been busy. Or I'm tired. Or that life is crazy. Or that the girls are messy, or Adam's been traveling, or any number of things.

And THOSE are excuses.

I used to have excuses for everything. My car wasn't clean because of the kids, the homeschooling, the commuting, the dog (spoiler: there may not have been a dog). My house looked messy because I hate my floors and there's no point. Paperwork is piling up because I never get time to myself. And I'm not exercising because I don't have time...even though I seem to be able to play Candy Crush just fine.

So I've decided to change my thinking. I am a (mostly) healthy and fit adult with kids who are well into the school age/independent stage. Yes, they're young and learning, and yes, I have to spend a lot of time getting them where they need to be. But I'm not nursing babies or trying to keep toddlers alive.

If I CHOOSE not to do something, I need to acknowledge that I am making a choice. I am saying that mindless game play is a higher priority for me than laundry. That TV takes precedence over housework. That I am choosing to run into the grocery store daily instead of coupon clipping and meal planning. From time to time, that's OK. But I am HOPING, that if I do it enough, I won't like who I sound like, and I'll decide to make different choices, instead of going back to excuses.

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