Monday, July 15, 2019

Focus Your Energy

Bake the bread, buy the butter.

I'm not sure where I read that, but it's one of those things that really spoke to me. It's kind of become a thing where it's all about making your own everything. Don't buy chemicals when you can make your own...ummm...chemical reactions.

Anyway, there are situations where DIY makes sense. The bread, as it were. Cleaning solutions typically fall here for me. Granted, I'm usually using some sort of traditional base - dish soap, vinegar, etc. But I can make things I like the smell of, that actually work, and that I can make on an as needed basis. Certain cleaners can be pricey, especially car detailing stuff, so finding something I actually like, that works, and ends up cheaper is always a good thing.

But there are other situations where the hassle just isn't worth it - for plenty of reasons. The butter. CAN you make butter? Of course. And plenty of people do. But it's time and effort and the return isn't much. I think about this when I'm working on homeschooling stuff. I can plan and design and print a great curriculum, which will take hours and hours of my time, and cost plenty to print. Or I can look online and buy one.

You can't do it all. I know there are people who claim they can - build their own homeschool curriculum while growing and making all their own food and cleaners. But it's not always worth it to your mental health.

So bake the bread, buy the butter. Whatever that means to you. DIY your cleaners, but buy your curriculum. Buy Eggo waffles, but make applesauce.
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