Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Best and Worst of the Fall

I'm a full on Anne of Green Gables when I think, "I'm so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers".

I am an unapologetic, go ahead and call me "basic", fall lover. It's always been my favorite season. As seasons go, it's nearly perfect. No temperature extremes, just colorful beauty. You can find fresh flowers and pass gorgeous foliage on your way there. You can eat a perfect crisp apple in a t-shirt and jeans, and a sweater is all you need against the chill.

I want to do all the New England things. I want to visit a farm stand, picking out the perfect fruits and vegetables. I want to wander through the orchards. I want to come home and make soup and bread. I get that urge to "winter prep" in my twenty-first century suburban way, which means getting the cozy blankets and slippers ready.

It's perfect outdoor sports weather - none of that March and April chill and rain and mud, none of the deathly August humidity. You can enjoy a perfect soccer game on the sidelines, and the players aren't dying of heat. Everyone is comfortable.

And while the craziness of September has passed, everything still feels fresh. No one (well, in our house, anyway) is dragging their feet about school or evening activities and being exhausted. It's still new enough, it's still LIGHT enough outside, that the backpacks still have the shine on them.

But I won't be as naive so say that things are perfect in October. Driving can be a pain. The sun glares into your eyes, wildlife is trying to run into your car, and wet leaves can rival ice when it comes to slick surfaces. It's tricky to dress for the day, knowing it'll be chilly in the morning, warm by afternoon, and then cold again at night. You fight with yourself about whether or not to give in and turn the heat on. At night and in the mornings, you feel like you need it. But during the day it's so warm that you feel ridiculous.


If I had to pick a favorite month to live in New England, I'll pass on the summer heat and the winter snow, and it's all about Octobers.

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