Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Is My Tween Ready for the Front Seat?

 Madison turned ten this summer. We're definitely reaching milestones this year. She had a massive growth spurt and is definitely losing some of that little girl look. 

She's angling to stay up later. She's developing more of a "teen" skin care routine with micellar water and moisturizer. She carries a purse with actual useful items. She loves a good Starbucks run. Now she's angling for the front seat.

I'm torn. She's tall enough. She sits properly and the seatbelt fits her. As she moves toward puberty, I know her bones are maturing. 

But...she's only ten.

I know. I was sitting in the front seat at ten. I was probably sitting in the front seat before ten. But I feel like she just got out of a booster seat.

In my online mom groups, I'm not even bothering to ask. I know exactly what the answer will be, because it's been asked a million times before. The SUPER judgy car seat moms come flying out that THEIR ten year old was in a booster until at LEAST twelve after being harnessed until ten and rear facing until six and in the backseat until they were driving themselves. It's so unsafe! A mom or two might pop in to say that they've allowed their ten year old "rarely and only because...", and they're judged quickly, so more don't jump in.

But with my real life friends, most have allowed it. Not every ride, but if they have a similarly sized and aged child, chances are they've experimented.

Here are the reason that I'm NOT ready.

1. The front seat is where my purse goes. Along with the mail, maybe a shopping bag, and my car candy. I'm usually annoyed when I lose that seat to Adam when the four of us are together. I'm definitely not looking to give it up permanently.

2. My YOUNGER child, who is super tiny and nowhere near ready to be out of a booster, let alone the front seat, would be jealous and it would make for some very annoying rides.

3. She still brings plenty of stuff into the car, which collects on the floor, in her cupholder, in her door, etc. And if my front seat is going to be filled with junk, it better be MY junk.

So for a permanent change? We're holding off. However, when I didn't feel like putting up the third row after soccer and my niece chose to ride with us, it was nice to move Madison to the front. When the two of us went to Sonic together during Reagan's practice, it was convenient and much more social to allow her the front seat. And because it's a novelty, I can use it as a carrot for unappealing errands.

I'm not sure when I'll be ready to let her make a real shift. But for now, we straddling the line, just like my ten year old is straddling the line between kid and teen.

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