Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween the mommy way...

So I've noticed a LOT of Halloween talk lately.  On my message board we've been discussing who is ready and who is still deciding and/or working on their costume.  People are pinning Halloween crafts and snacks and planning activities.  I'm VERY excited, because I can enjoy Halloween THROUGH my girls as a kid should.  However, I am not someone who knows how to make easy do it yourself costumes or someone who comes up with unique and creative ideas.

As a mom, I have a lot to live up to, because my childhood Halloweens were AWESOME.  My mom is very crafty.  She quilts, she knits, she sews.  Therefore, I had some AMAZING costumes because she made them.  Instead of picking out a Halloween costume, we picked out a Halloween costume pattern.  I remember being an M&M, a unicorn, and a witch.  I didn't have to resort to any last minute Halloween costumes until college.  Note: once in college I was a farmer.  Because I actually owned overalls.  I don't think I wore them in college, but the fact that I owned a pair...yeah, I kind of judge myself for that.  

Our neighborhood was also amazing at Halloween.  Lots of calm, residential streets with TONS of kids.  My best friend lived two doors down and we would go out trick or treating and come home with a HUGE haul of candy.  I know Madison, and especially Reagan, don't really "get" Halloween yet, but I want to start making some great memories!  However, I do NOT knit, craft or sew, so I need to harness all the creative power that I'm not sure I possess.

The past couple of years Madison has had a pretty low key Halloween - once by design and once by an act of nature.  In 2010, she was only 3 months old.  I dressed her up in a monkey costume/sleeper to go to breastfeeding group, and then we spent Halloween at my grandparent's apartment where Madison delighted all the residents with her adorable monkey-ness.

My Little Monkey!

Bringing cuteness to the retirement home!

I hate pumpkins!

In 2011, I was a bit more excited.  We had two Halloween parties AND I was planning on taking Madison "trick or treating" (basically to our neighbor's house).  I had her bumblebee costume (purchased the previous November for $1!) ready to go.

Remember what happened last October?  The freak snowstorm.  We started out to a Halloween party, but the roads were surprisingly bad.  We had to turn around before we got to the end of our street.  That turned out to be a great decision because within the hour we had lost power....for six days.  Instead of trick or treating, we were camping out at a friend's house to enjoy their power and heat.  Madison and her friend looked very cute in their costumes, but it didn't really feel like Halloween.

Picking pumpkins - MUCH happier!

My little bumblebee!

Therefore, I REALLY want to make this year a fun one.  We need to carve and paint pumpkins.  We need to roast pumpkin seeds.  We need to have cute costumes that the girls will enjoy wearing (THAT is a feat when you're dealing with a toddler who has her own opinion about everything) AND is appropriate for a New England October (so NOT a costume that includes a tutu, of which there seem to be many).  This is also probably the last year that I can pick Madison's costume FOR her.

We're off to a good start!  I decided on costumes that I think are SUPER cute (Piglet and Pooh!).  I ALMOST have the costumes ready to go (I bought them off Ebay, because I think $30+ for a infant or toddler Halloween costume is ridiculous.  Reagan's is plush and gorgeous.  Madison's is...hmmm...I don't want to say I TOTALLY got ripped off, but let's say not QUITE up to the same standard).  The girls will have SEVEN, that's right, SEVEN opportunities to wear their costumes (Madison has a very active social life for a two year old).  We'll pick our pumpkins this weekend, and maybe I'll even try some of the crafts that I pin!

Now the real question...I'm ready for Halloween as a mom, but will the girls (and nature) cooperate?  I'm excited to have them start making the kind of memories I LOVED as a kid.

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