Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Before You Make Your Christmas Memories this year... this book.

By Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat - 2012 (Amazon 7.99 paperback, 4.99 Kindle)

One of my guilty reading pleasures is humor.  I used to have an entire shelf of humor books before I had to downsize my bookshelves (due to our household takeover).  They're in the attic now, and I miss them.  (Yeah, yeah, I should get a Kindle.  Maybe I will someday.  Right now I'm still a dinosaur when it comes to reading).  I love something that makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, I'm near tears, and when I remember random parts in my head while eating dinner, sitting in church, or spending time with Adam, I spontaneously burst out laughing and whoever I'm with looks at me like I'm crazy (or if I'm in church, I try to hold my laughing in and look like I'm having some sort of fit).  Then I try to explain by quoting what is going on in my head, and I laugh so hard I can't get it out.  And they continue to think I'm crazy.

That's this book.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love reading the blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat.  I've recommended it to many friends and emailed links when something has really resonated with me.  It's written by Jen.  In her words

...I'm Jen.  I'm a sarcastic, kind of bitchy, hysterical, sometimes offensive, middle aged, tired, married, mother of two who tends to say out loud (with as many profanities as possible) what everyone else is thinking.

 The book is a mix of Jen's take on the hoopla surrounding the holidays along with some funnier Christmas recollections from her own childhood and young adult days.  I can relate to almost everything, and what I can't relate to, I laughed at.  Her essays are on topics such as:
  • Family Christmas lore.  For Jen, it centers around the Playskool McDonald's.  I can relate.  I am often reminded about how I threw up in the middle of the mall on Christmas Eve.  I don't remember doing it, but I do remember the story being told OVER and OVER.  
  • Cookie Swaps.  Oh, the pressure.  I am totally stealing her recipe even though she claims the only award you'll win is the "Martha Stewart Died a Little Inside Award".
  • The Annual Christmas Picture.  I can totally relate, as I'm guilty of subjecting my family to this.  Her description of the Hubs and Adolpha's smile?  That's Adam.  Check our wedding pictures.  I'll still DO it, but this chapter forced me to laugh at myself.
  • Christmas Lights.  The fun of being the dark house.  We aren't the dark house exactly, but we're definitely not impressing anyone.
  • The Annual Christmas Letter.  Stay tuned for my first one this year (now that I'm finally ready to follow in my mom's footsteps).
  • 10 Things to Hate about the Holidays.  Written in a totally tongue in cheek's not as Scroogy as it sounds.  
  • Mom and her very special decor.  Mom, you aren't quite there, but I totally thought of you.  I think we all know someone with a house like this.  I dare you to count Santas and Snowmen this year.
And of course....
Jen's voice comes through loud and clear.  I don't know her, but reading her writing, I feel like I do.  She's the mommy friend I wish I had because she'd help keep me grounded, help me laugh at myself, and of course, become much more articulate in my vents!

Jen's book is the perfect book to enjoy as we head toward the two months of craziness that will begin as soon as the Halloween candy is off the shelves.  Buy it, read it, laugh until you cry and the children look at you with great concern (as mine did).  It's a quick read but one you'll go back and read again.

As Meredith, I had the holidays DOWN, but as Mommy, I'm still working on it.  I KNOW I'll be thinking of it as I embrace my wannabe overachieving mom goals this year! 


Unknown said...

There have to be somewhere around 100 Santas or approaching that number. Feel free to gift me with more. Snowmen, my January feel-good decoration only in the dozens. I also collect and display tasteful snowglobes featuring the ones from Macy's. I have a smaller angel collection, and a collection of Annalee Christmas mice. All this stuff makes me HAPPY during the shortest days of the year, so I will not stop displaying them. There's more stuff too, and we only have two trees. Dad has his whole own routine for the outdoors. So yeah, I'd love to meet this Jen's mom. I just might order her book for my Kindle. So for one thing I am ahead of you, technology-wise?? -- Love, Mom

Meredith said...

Definitely order the book. And skip right to that chapter. I TOTALLY thought of you (and not in a bad way).

Unknown said...

I will order the book right now. And I know it is not in a bad way, and I am an over collector and decorator for Christmas and proud of it! Oh, I forgot the Yankee Candle collection. Bunch of those too for Christmas and January. I was thinking of NOT doing a newsletter this year, but then again, how can I not? Two granddaughters born this year ALMOST in the house (Janine) or car (you). OH and beware on Thanksgiving, I want to do a photo shoot for our Christmas card - never have done a photo card and I want to with the three granddaughters.

Jen Piwtpitt said...

Marie, you and my mom could be sisters! She keeps her snowmen up until February because they make her happy on dreary winter days! You will love the book. I tease my mom, but she makes Christmas "Christmas".

Unknown said...

Jen, I did order the book and I was in tears of hysterical laughter at the Playskool McDonalds, the armless people and the merry-go-round!! I would LOVE to meet your mother! But I am in CT and I gather that she is not! Ahhhh, well. Kindred spirits anyway!

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