Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Find For Our Book Collection!

I'm still a teacher at heart, even though I'm not currently in the classroom.  And although I was the music teacher, reading was a part of my music classes (even before it became EXPECTED that I would do literacy activities).  I LOVED to read as a child, I LOVE to read as an adult.  My master's degree is in reading, and I loved learning how to take a child from pre-literacy stages to fluent reading and true enjoyment of books. I had so many favorite books to read with my students.  And of course, I LOVE to read with my girls. 

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review another book on this blog, which I am so happy to do.  I'm always excited to find new stories to share with the girls.  This book is The Magic Word by Sherrill S. Cannon, another former educator, now retired.

by Sherrill S. Cannon; copyright 2011 Strategic Book Group

I had initially thought that I'd do a first reading of the book on my own, before reading it to the girls.  I figured I'd have two initial reactions that I could weave together as I wrote the review - my own, and Madison's (a tough critic).  However, Madison was there as I opened the mail, and as soon as she saw the book come out of the envelope she was begging for the new story.

What a perfect book to read with a two year old.  This book is all about manners, learning to share, and considering others' feelings - the very things we are trying to instill in Madison right now.  It was a perfect and easy to relate to topic for a toddler.  Elisabeth wants her friends to come to her party, but she doesn't treat them well and they aren't eager to accept.  Her mother guides her in learning to say "please", "thank you" and "excuse me", as well as waiting her turn and sharing her toys.  Elisabeth learns that it's fun to play with others and everyone is happy when good manners are used.

Ms. Cannon demonstrates excellent use of rhythm and rhyme.  As I began to read (remember, my initial reading was with a two year old on my lap) I was a bit worried that it would be too much text on a page for Madison to focus on.  But the rhyme helped the story flow smoothly, and the illustrations were perfect.  Madison never rushed me through a page, and offered commentary as we went, saying "please" and "thank you" right along with Elisabeth.

This would be a wonderful addition to any library - at home or in a classroom.  I was thrilled to share it with my girls.  I'm sure we will read it many times!

I am offering a copy of this book, signed by the author, as my first giveaway!  If you would like to receive a copy of this book, you can enter in two ways:
1) Become a "follower" of my blog, and leave a comment on this post.
2) "Like" my blog page on Facebook and leave a post or comment on the page.

If you are already listed as a follower, or have liked the Facebook page, you need only add your comment to be entered.  If you comment in both places, you will be entered twice!  A week from today, I'll choose the winning comment at random and mail you out your very own signed copy!

The author is involved with the CureJM Foundation Fundraiser at 50%  of the cost of books goes to CureJM to try to find a cure for this incurable children's disease.


Derek said...

Sounds like such a good book, we need to start focusing on manner and sharing too.

Colleen said...

A would love this! She's really getting into books lately!

Becky said...

I want it for my girls & my students!!! :-) Sounds cute!

gfgirl3 said...

Sounds like a great book! I followed you and liked on facebook!

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