Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do I HAVE to?

Ugh.  I've been a slacker mom the past two days and I am horribly behind with some of my chores.  It's 7:45 and I just finished putting the big one in bed.  Here's what I HAVE to do tonight to start the week off right:

  • Go downstairs and clean the counters and table, wash sippy cups, and clean the high chair tray.
  • Clean the kitchen floor (it's been a few meals and the girls like to leave evidence of their meals).
  • Cut coupons from today's paper and pull the sale flyers I want to look at.
  • Write this week's meal plan on the board and pull out the freezer meat.
  • Fold four loads of laundry (told you I was behind).
  • Stain treat some clothes.
I don't want to do any of those things.  Frankly, I'm impressed that I found the motivation to do any kitchen clean up at all.  At least I got the leftovers put away and the dishwasher loaded and set.  Madison did a great job picking up her toys, so I can thank her for that.

I'm having an exhausted, cranky day.  I was up at 4 am with Little Miss Crankypants herself (Reagan).  I'm not sure why she was up.  She wasn't hungry.  But since she's turned into a standing, climbing, no fear acrobat, we dropped her crib down, took out the bumper, and I don't think she likes it.   Anyway, by the time I finally got her calmed down, it was close to 5, and almost 6 by the time I managed to fall back asleep.  And she was up at 6:15 for good.

Our coffeepot is broken, so until we can get our Black Friday deal, we aren't using it.  I had to work in the church nursery this morning so I picked up Dunkin Donuts on the way.  Since I was working in the nursery and the girls would be in there with me, Adam stayed home to do some projects he's been getting behind on.  No big deal.  And I still got my coffee.

However, I didn't get to bring it IN with me, because by the time I pulled into the parking lot, Reagan had fallen asleep.  So I lugged her in the infant carrier, and between that, the diaper bag, and holding Madison's hand, there was no room for coffee (a wasted effort by the way, as she was awake before we finished crossing the parking lot). 

Then Madison had a massive tantrum leaving church, and I had to carry HER, as well as the luggage.

Luckily, Adam looked at me when I got home and instructed me to take some time this afternoon.  So I got myself a second coffee and drank it while it was still hot and I wandered around the mall trying to get inspiration for Christmas gifts.

The girls were happy when I got home, and the day ended well.  But I'm feeling the 4 am wake up now and I'm crashing.  So I made a choice of what I am GOING to do this evening.

  • Write this blog.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Push the laundry off the bed.
  • Fall asleep to my DVR.
Have to admit, I think I'm making the right choice.  It'll ALL be there tomorrow.   And a well rested mommy makes a happy mommy! 
Thanks to you who have already voted for me in the Circle of Moms Top 25 program.  I'm still in the pending tab for the Top 25 Family Blogs.  You can vote daily until November 29.  THANK YOU!!!
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