Monday, November 19, 2012


I've been avoiding writing this, because this situation makes my stomach churn and tears come to my eyes.  But if Robby's own mom can be brave enough, I can.

Robby K. is a four year old boy.  He's the only son of my college friend.  She and I were singers together, and she was a couple of years ahead of me.  We lost touch after college, as I did with many people.  Angela and I were never especially close, but she was an incredibly bright and cheerful person, easy to be friends with.

Robby was in a horrific accident a couple of weeks ago.  You can read the story on his Caring Bridge site.  He was playing outside and became trapped under a piece of tree.  He was without oxygen while his father and the fire department worked to get the tree off him.  Amazingly he was resuscitated, but he was without oxygen a long time.  He was moved to a hospital with an amazing PICU, but doctors aren't hopeful about his brain function.

But his mother has faith and is rallying prayers for a miracle, and so far, Robby is hanging on.  His parents made the devastating decision to remove his respirator, and transplant teams flew in from around the country while his mom and all his friends - new and old - prayed for an 11th hour miracle.  Amazingly, Robby started breathing on his own, and those teams left empty handed and he was returned to the PICU.  He's in rough shape, but God decided it wasn't his time quite yet. 

Robby needs prayers and I'm doing my part to help rally.  Go over to facebook and like #teamrobby.  Head to the Caring Bridge site and leave him a message.

Pray for Robby, and pray for his parents.  They are facing decisions that make every parent want to squeeze their eyes shut and shake their head, wanting to be ANYWHERE but where they are.  Robby was a vibrant little boy, enjoying a beautiful fall day like any 4 year old boy should.  There was no warning that their lives would be forever changing.

I'm doing my part to rally prayers for #teamrobby.  And I'm thinking of his mom every minute, amazed at her strength.  Please join me in sharing this message, and let Robby and his family know they aren't alone.

And then hug your kids tight.  I know I have been.

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Abbie said...

Beautiful, Meredith. This has affected me so deeply too, a depth I think only a mom could understand. Angela is so courageous, and Robby is so incredibly lucky to have her as a mom. Her positivity is so inspiring.

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