Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Daddy Did Today...another book giveaway!

We always love a good Daddy book in our house.  Now that I'm a stay at home mom, the girls have become really attached to me.  They love their Daddy of course, but sometimes he needs an extra shout out, and bedtime is a good time to do that.

We are very lucky that our Daddy doesn't leave the house every day.  I'm incredibly spoiled that Adam works at home. But he does go "to his office" and talks on the phone every day, and the girls have learned that "Daddy's working" when he's in his office and they can't hang out with him during the day.

But when Adam does leave the house for work, it's usually for a few days.  Madison has started becoming very aware of Daddy's travels.  Right now, she can tell you he's in Florida.  But she's sort of foggy on what he's doing there.

I was given the opportunity to review another book and Madison couldn't be happier.  Even Reagan crawled right over when we started to read.  This book is What Daddy Did Today by Walter Wally.  It's his first published story, and we're already looking forward to more!

by Walter Wally, 2011 Two Harbors Press.  15.99 hardcover

This is a REALLY cute book about what Daddy actually DOES all day, at least, what the imagination of a child tells us Daddy does.  In the author's words...

When I was a kid, I would always wonder where my father went when he left the house for work every morning. What did he do? Who was he with? Why would it take so long? Of course, I learned later that Dad was just going to the office every day. But my imagination, up to that point, told me differently. I imagined my dad traveling to space, fighting dragons, and hitting home runs while he was away “at work.” So, this is a story that, as a kid, I would have loved to hear my dad tell. And now, as a grown man and future dad, it’s also a story that I would love to tell my son or daughter before they go to sleep. Because, although the story is filled with fun and adventure, ultimately, it is about how much Daddy loves his kid. 

Madison, Reagan and I read this book together this morning.  Madison is used to Daddy getting her up in the morning, and she really missed him today.  Therefore, it was the perfect book to share together as we enjoyed our morning beverages (Milk, juice, and coffee.  I'll let you figure out who had what).

It's an adorable rhyming book.  I really love rhyming books for my girls.  Probably due to hearing so much beat keeping music in utero, they both have a good rhythmic sense and respond incredibly well to books that have that element.

Madison was also enthralled by all the things this Daddy did.  She couldn't wait to turn the page to find out where he would go next.  The illustrations are bright and colorful, and Reagan was entranced as well...definitely a sign of success for my little one who is always on the go.

Overall, another fun book that I'm glad I was made aware of!  A perfect shout out to a hardworking Daddy, who KNOWS his most important job is loving his kids.

Much to Madison's dismay, I'm offering this signed, hardcover copy as another giveaway!  To enter:

LIKE my Facebook page and leave a comment on the page (1 entry).
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FOLLOW me on twitter and send me a tweet (or however you say that...I'm still getting accustomed to twitter) (1 entry).

You can enter one of the three...or all three!  Contest ends a week from today!

In addition, I have no way of checking this, but I'll give everyone who claims to vote for me the next two days on Circle of Moms an extra entry!  I'm SO CLOSE to #25, but I need a big push the next two days of voting to get there!


Unknown said...

Would love to win this ! Sounds super cute!

Unknown said...

Awesome review, Meredith! Sounds like a great book!

Unknown said...

I didn't enter for the prior one because, well, I'm your mom and it didn't seem right. But I WILL enter for this one and if I win, it goes right back to Madison and Reagan!!!

Unknown said...

Voted!! :)

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