Monday, December 3, 2012

Solo week one down....onto week two!

It is now Sunday Monday.  I have been attempting to write this since Thursday evening.  I intended to write about all the holiday stuff we have been doing and the kick off to December fun.  I love this time of year, and I love that Madison is starting to "get it" and is sharing her excitement with her little sister.

Plus, our ELF is here!

Adam was gone allllll last week and will be gone alllll this week.  He came home Friday night at midnight and left again this morning at 6:00 am, and will be home again Friday.

The beginning of last week started off great!  I made a humorously color coded "to do" list that included all sorts of holiday tasks along with my regular chores.  I'd put the girls to bed, and catch up on my DVR while catching up on household stuff.  I actually told Adam it would be nice to have full control of the downstairs after bedtime, and I would get so much done! 

I planned to do one holiday task every night, since we were hosting the girls (and their families) from my breastfeeding group Saturday evening.  I realized they wouldn't CARE if my house was clean and/or decorated, but I like to have a goal.  Actually, holiday stuff really doesn't stress me out.  And it's really early to even worry about it.  I like the shopping and wrapping and decorating.  And I'd gotten my new camera, which I am ridiculously excited about.  If I got everything done, I could play with it and experiment and FINALLY get some pictures onto the computer!

But here's my week (it's eerily similar to this blog one of my friends shared with me.  Eerily.)

Monday - Things worked perfectly.  Got everything on my list done!  I cleaned, I made appointments, I got holiday stuff done. 

Tuesday - Well, ok, things worked less perfectly, but I blame Dancing with the Stars.  I was trying to write and clean as I watched and I was definitely distracted.  But hey, I was already getting a little tired and I needed a little break.  I did finish the book review I'd been working on.

Wednesday - I got less than 50% of my list done and STILL somehow ended up in bed much later than I wanted to be.  AND I had help from my mother-in-law!  But I paid bills, ordered the last couple of gifts, ordered our cards, and did feel productive, even if I wasn't EXACTLY caught up.  No blogging, but I'd posted the day before!  No big deal.  I was in good shape.

Thursday - I shamelessly spent the ENTIRE day (I'm talking right after breakfast up to and including bathtime) at a friend's house.  Drove home thinking of my list and what I would do first.  Got home, put the garbage out, and crashed.  Too tired to blog.  Tomorrow.

Friday - Forced myself to catch up on decorating, since our weekend was insanely busy, but I was so exhausted it wasn't funny.  I had given myself the goal of being decorated and "holiday ready" by my group's Christmas party, and I was determined to get there.  Adam was expecting me to be asleep by the time he got home, but in reality I had JUST gone to bed!  Obviously blogging didn't happen.  Tomorrow.

Saturday - Adam was home!  Hooray!  We had an insane day of holiday fun (more on that later), concluding with five 2 year olds having a great time!  Fun, fun, fun, but by the time Adam and I got the kitchen and play areas put back together, we were falling asleep standing up.  Tomorrow.

Sunday - Another busy day with my niece's baptism.  I was certain I'd finally get this post up, but I realized I hadn't been grocery shopping yet and definitely needed to before Adam left again!  Went out after bedtime, came home, and crashed yet again.  Tomorrow.

I really forget how LONG a solo parenting week can feel.  Military families, I salute you for doing this for months or YEARS at a time.  I know I'm a wimp for even complaining a little bit. 

I know, I know.  I really don't have any right to complain about ONE little week.

A week is my limit, and I can't believe I'm doing it AGAIN, after a crazy busy weekend where we barely had time to catch our breath, let alone catch up.  The girls were completely fine, totally well behaved, and everything we did was fun, but I was exhausted just keeping up with them, let alone cleaning and decorating.

But I'm off to a good start this week! The girls were clearly worn out as well, because I managed to not only wake up before they did, but I managed to drink my coffee, take a shower, and clean up the kitchen. I got my color coded list written during dance class this morning.

AND....I have my holiday post started already.  Heck, half finished!  So I'll make up for being a BAD blogger last week by being a prolific blogger THIS week!

I've been way too remiss in this, but thank you to EVERYONE who voted for me on Circle of Moms.  I squeaked in at number 25 and I was astounded!  To make the Top 25 Family Blogs out of well over 100 nominations was just amazing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 Also, my book giveaway was supposed to end tomorrow.  But since I've been such a bad blogger this week, I'm extending it until THIS Friday.  To win a signed copy of What Daddy Did Today...

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