Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Holdout No Longer

I held out for a while.

I staunchly held my ground as a reading dinosaur.  I liked paper books.  I read in the bathtub, where electronics are generally frowned upon.  I have shelves stuffed with books, and several boxes in the attic.  "No need for an e-reader," I've said to Adam, basically since the first one launched and he told me it would make the perfect Christmas present for me. "I'm not interested in going down that road".

When Madison was a nursing baby, I would keep paperback books on the table next to the glider.  I'd drape the books over the arm of the glider, or the edge of the crib, marking my page until the next session.  Madison loved long nursing sessions and I would happily cuddle with her, re-reading old favorites and savoring that time.

When Reagan was a nursing newborn, she was a little trickier.  She was very finicky about how I positioned her and would wiggle and squirm.  Nursing her wasn't relaxing and when I tried to go to my old standby of reading, she would knock the books out of my hand.  OK kid, point taken.

Reagan, although she still didn't like me encouraging her to eat, she loved long rocking sessions with me in the glider.  As long as I wasn't trying to feed her, she'd burrow into me and was happy to be rocked as long as I would sit there.

Contrary to everything I experienced with Madison, Reagan hated nursing before bed and did not nurse to sleep at any point - ever.  It did not relax either of us or ease her into sleep.  It wound her up and gave me anxiety. Thank goodness she was my second so I wasn't completely panicked about this. I just got her to eat what she would, and then we'd just rock.  She adores the rocking, and now that we're no longer nursing, it IS the most relaxing part of our day.

And my phone had been through an upgrade in that short lull between nursing babies (otherwise known as nine months of pregnancy).  Reagan may not have liked me reading while I nursed, but she was completely fine with me playing on my phone as we rocked.  On my smartphone I'd scroll through Facebook, Pinterest, play some Words with Friends, improve my time on Sudoku, and read newly discovered blogs.  This fall I discovered that I could read books on my phone!  Wow!  Reading on my phone was great!

LOVE this thing.

So I gave in.  I asked my parents for a Kindle for Christmas (actually a combo Christmas/birthday gift).  On Cyber Monday, when a deal popped up, my mom made it happen.  Two weeks ago, on Christmas Eve, I finally moved into e-reading technology (I'm not really a cutting edge person.  I'm sort of on the dull handle of technology).

My new way to avoid housework!

And now Adam keeps commenting that it seems like it's taking Reagan a long time to fall asleep.  She needs a lot of cuddles and soothing!  I'm up in her room for 30-45 minutes!  Wow!

Snuggling my tiny one, reading whatever strikes my fancy, it truly is my favorite part of the day now.  My arm may fall asleep where Reagan is resting, but it's worth it. 

So far, I'm browsing the daily deals, and I've used the Kindle library twice.  I don't want to buy anything electronically that I own in paper (that seems silly)But, now that I have this Kindle, and Amazon gift cards burning a hole in my technology, what are some books that I have to download and read?  I'm accepting any suggestions!

The winner of Ollie will be drawn TONIGHT at 8:00 pm!  That's only 30 minutes away!  If you missed any of the ways to enter, get your last entries in now!  The winner will be notified via email or Facebook message tonight!

And if you DON'T win Ollie, definitely head over to Traci's website and do some shopping for yourself!  Ollie is adorable, but the other buddies are cute as well! 

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Katie said...

I got my first Kindle in December 2010 and it totally changed how I read. Lily was definitely a nurse-to-sleep baby and it was so much easier to read on the Kindle than to do something on my phone. I got my Kindle Fire last December and now it's unusual that I buy a book in paper form. I'm currently working on 1-2-3 Magic (we need some discipline strategies in this place!) and on a classic Tom Clancy novel (my secret reading addiction).

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