Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking ahead...goals for 2013

Yesterday, I looked back.  Today, I look forward.

I still don't know that I'm totally into this "resolution" thing.  However, there are some improvements that I need to make, and today is as good a day as any to start!

1) I'm going to reclaim my body.

For the first time in over 3 years, I'm not pregnant, I'm not nursing, and I have no plans to be either of those things in the foreseeable future.  Another human is not physically sharing my body. 

After Madison, the weight fell off and I went right back to normal.  It helped that I was nursing, which was really effective for me, and most of my maternity "playdates" were walks.  With Reagan, the nursing wasn't nearly as effective, and now our playdates are chatting while we referee the toddlers - just as tiring, not as physical. I did lose the weight, but my clothes don't indicate that.  I'm soft.  And I'm tired of being soft.

Not mine.  Will never show mine on here.  But I need to work on this area.

Therefore, it's really time to reclaim.  I'm not saying lose a specific number of pounds, run a marathon, or anything like that.  I don't want to attach a number to this because I honestly don't have one.  However, I'd like to make the effort to become healthier.  I'd like to do some sort of workout/physical activity (and chasing the girls doesn't count) four times a week, and I'd like to make an effort to eat healthier - three meals a day instead of forgetting to eat and grabbing a donut because I'm starving.

2) I'm going to make an effort to take care of me.  

My yoga pants are getting far too worn out for a girl who doesn't exercise.  I've gotten into the habit of going from pjs and robe to yoga pants and sweatshirt and back to pjs and robe.  My go-to hairstyle is a ponytail, and (sadly) I don't even shower daily.  Make up, even the limited amount I wear, is special occasion only.  I spend my mornings making my girls look adorable, and keeping them well fed, and I barely give myself a cup of coffee.

I'm not saying I'm going to go all What Not to Wear and wear cute dresses and ballet flats and a full face of makeup while I chase the girls around the house.  But I'd like to resolve that yoga pants stay in my house.  On the days when we go out, be it to activities, the store, the library, whatever, that look is no longer my default. 

I owe myself a daily shower, jeans, and lip gloss.  We'll start there.

3) I'm going to USE pinterest.

My goal is to try at least ONE item that I pin per week.  I've seen some great ideas out there that aren't over the top, don't require tons of craftiness, and are easy to do. 

Otherwise, you're just wasting time.

I can try a recipe, a work out tip, something for the girls, cleaning, whatever.  I think this will be an easy one!

4) I will improve this blog space. 

I can do better than this.

That means more networking, more design work (this is the big one for me), and more investing in myself.  I need to step out of my comfort zone, figure out a way to get a great design, and put myself out there.  I need to lose some insecurity.  The writing is easy.  I can blabber on like crazy; that's why I started this. 

But like anything, you need to keep improving.  That's my focus.  I have some numbers in mind, but again, I'm not going to focus on the numbers.  I'm going to keep writing, and make an effort to surround that writing with improvements.

And I resolve right now, the minute I start dreading sitting down at the computer and writing, and it stops being fulfilling, I either make a change, or I stop.

5) I'm going to STOP the excuses.

No more buts.  I do it, I don't do it, but I stop the excuses and justifying my shortcomings to myself.  No "if only", no "I wish I could, but...", no "if I had the time/money/energy". 

No matter how creative you get.

Nope, if it doesn't happen, I either decide I'm OK with it, or I change it.  Those are the two options.

Finally, I'm going to make sure that the random, non-resolution improvements I've been working on don't fade away.  Things I've organized will stay organized.  I'm going to keep meal planning, keep couponing, keep making memories with my family.  Keeping what works, and continuously improving.

Happy New Year!

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Unknown said...

Great Resolutions, keep us posted on how you're doing!

Tales of a Suburban Mom said...

These are all similar to the reolution's I've set for myself, especially the yoga pants! I wish you luck and look forward to reading about how you're doing (may help motivate me to keep going w/ my own).

Christy G said...

I too am a mom and just finished nursing my last baby, now it is time for me to focus on myself and lose a little bit of weight.

Good luck on your journey to a new YOU!

Meredith said...

Don't get me wrong, yoga pants are great! But it's time to stop making them the focus of my wardrobe! Good luck to you!

Meredith said...

It's tough not being able to use nursing as an excuse to eat like a teenage boy anymore! But I'll be glad to get myself to a better place.

Meredith said...

Thanks, you know I will!

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