Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Quick Updates!

I love that I'm getting some readers who are becoming really interested in our little family! I've had multiple inquiries looking for updates on various things I've shared recently, and I'm happy to oblige!  We're back to our routine, which is great, and we're settling into the new year.


So far, I'm doing OK.  I've been pretty good about showering, putting on "real" clothes, mascara and lip gloss, and leaving the yoga pants in the least on days when we go out.  On Tuesdays, when we stay home all day and I clean the bathrooms, I'm sticking with yoga pants and zip up sweatshirts.

I've had some fun with Pinterest.  So far, I'm mostly trying recipes, but I've tried a few crafts.  Madison and I made some homemade play-doh, I covered an old Clorox wipes container to use as a plastic bag dispenser for my car, and of course, I started keeping a daily journal for the girls.

I'm working on improving this blog.  I spent a few hours this weekend designing a logo that I can use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  I've really been making an effort with the networking. So far, I haven't been able to make any design changes on the actual SPACE, but I do have a name of someone who'll do it.  And as soon as someone is willing to give me that money, I'll hire her.  But right now, I'll keep fumbling along on my own.

Not bad for an uncrafty mom!

I have NOT done a great job reclaiming my body.  Unless you count the exercise I get from trampoline jumping, dancing, or chasing down children who seem to abhor being dressed, I haven't done one little stitch of official "exercise". And I might be managing to eat 2 out of 3 meals, but I'm still not exactly winning any healthy eating competitions.  I'm eating cookie dough ice cream as I write tonight.

But no excuses!  I haven't done it.  That's it.  And hey, I've got 11 1/2 more months before I officially "fail" in this resolution.  How is everyone else out there doing so far?

My New Love of the Kindle

I've gotten a few suggestions: one that keeps resurfacing is Gone Girl. I think I'll be able to borrow that one, so I'll make sure to check it out.  I'm always on the lookout for new reading material, so keep the suggestions coming!

Scentsy Giveaway

If you don't follow me on Facebook, well, for starters, you should.  But if you didn't hear, the winner of Ollie was drawn and Meredith S. received Ollie today for her son.

If that disappoints you, or if you are intrigued by what else Traci has to offer, head on over to her site and check it out.  Traci was amazing enough to set up a "party" for this blog.  If I earn any hostess rewards, I decided that I will giveaway half of what I earn for one lucky winner.  Stay tuned - we'll see what happens.

No matter what, I know that I'll be visiting Traci's website soon, because Madison is incredibly jealous of Reagan's Ollie, and she wants a buddy of her own.  I also think I'll be choosing some extra scent packs, so I can mix up the fragrances.  And perhaps I'll put one in my car, since SOMEONE (and I'm not naming names) let Madison take her milk cup in the car, which she dropped, which then rolled under the seat, and I didn't discover it until the car began to stink of sour milk.

My Little Night Owl

Clearly, my girls secretly read this blog, get offended, and promptly set out to prove me wrong.  Reagan has had two decent nights since I broadcasted my frustration over her sleeping habits.

By decent, I mean that she's still waking around 3:00, but she's not requiring any intervention.  She's making noise for about 10 minutes, then falling asleep again.  I can hear her, and I'll get up if she gets out of hand again, but now I'm starting to think that she's just looking for mid-night company and my going in is making things worse, because then she's unwilling to let me leave and we both end up awake for hours.  If she goes longer than 10 minutes or so, or starts to get really upset, of course I will help her out.  But I think she's done well the past two nights.  And since we stopped having these long awake periods during the night, she's been napping better.  Win.

Middle Name Day

I am happy to say that the Middle Name Day was just that - one day.  Madison hasn't been perfect of course, being two and all, but she hasn't had another day like that - or even close.

Madison, if you are reading this, and I have a sneaking suspicion you are, PLEASE don't feel the need to prove me wrong.  Please.
The Mom Behind the Camera

I got some really mixed feedback on this one.  One thing I realized is that I need to get a little more adept with the camera so it isn't such a process.  I found a class through the adult ed program.  $35 gets me 8 weeks of instruction in photography with a digital SLR camera.  I think that's definitely worth it.

Circle of Moms

A few days ago, Circle of Moms offered me a chance to blog directly for their site, via the Blogger Roundup.  It's pretty loose - you can submit as many or as few original articles as you like, there are no deadlines, and they'll choose a few each week to feature.

I submitted my first article for consideration last night and heard back this morning - I hit the right mark and they'll be featuring my article either this week or next!  If you follow Circle of Moms on Facebook, you'll see the link when they push it out, if you don't, I'll make sure to let you know!  Everything I write for them will be exclusive to their site, so it's just another place you can find me.  I'm definitely excited about this new opportunity!

And finally....

We found the thermometer.  It was in the diaper of Madison's baby doll (I'm afraid to ask).  We're hanging on to blue pacifier (although we had to start putting her box on the top shelf of her closet when she wakes up).  Wii remote...still gone.  I think it's time to give up and hit Amazon.
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