Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anticipating Tinkerbell's Visit!

It's time...beyond say goodbye to the pacifiers.

(Even the blue one).

She only gets them in her crib, but the kid is still beyond addicted.

We can't "lose" them, because they stay in her crib and she treasures them. She tucks them away safely so Reagan can't take them. When one drops out of her bed at night, she makes sure to note where it fell and retrieves it first thing in the morning. I tried clipping the tips - she doesn't care. I mentioned that she could tuck them in a stuffed animal (her Scentsy buddy has a zip up back) and she could cuddle the animal. She was not interested, and now refuses to keep her buddy in bed with her.

This is not easy.

Lately, we've been conversationally floating the idea of the "paci fairy". We mentioned that the paci fairy has visited some of her friends who are becoming big boys and girls, and she is taking the pacifiers away for the babies of Pixie Hollow (yes, we went with the obsession. She loves the Disney fairies). As a thank you she is leaving a "big girl toy". We're being pretty casual, but suggesting that this would be really amazing if the paci fairy thought Madison was a big girl.

These girls are running neck and neck with the princesses these days. Honestly, I think I prefer the fairies.

Well, we backed off because Madison started freaking out. She started hiding her pacifiers in her bed and begging us not to let any fairies in the house while she was sleeping. She kept telling us that she did not think it was a good idea if the paci fairy came and she was very afraid she would sneak in and was starting to get nervous. Since she's actually really good about going to bed, we figured that if we didn't stop, we would create a bigger issue. So we stopped. Yeah, yeah, we need to ditch the paci, but sleep is golden.

Tonight, after dinner, we were playing with the girls outside. Madison and Reagan were having a fine time chasing each other and blowing on dandelion puffs to send more fairies to Pixie Hollow.

Once Reagan faceplanted on the driveway and I took her inside, Madison and Adam were arranging some of her toys to make a fairy house.

(insert adorable photo of Madison building a fairy house inside that blogger refuses to upload for some reason. I'll keep trying).

As they were arranging the set up she was talking about who might come visit and she said to him,

"You know, Tinkerbell is coming soon. She needs my pacifier and she has a special present for me".

Adam told me he was totally shocked that she brought it up (and turned this random "pacifier fairy" into Tinkerbell, who she's really into). He was sort of afraid to push, so he just said "oh yeah?"

"Yes. She won't take them all. They're too heavy. She takes one by one and will come three times".

She actually has six pacifiers left. But this is no time for a math lesson.

Adam asked "What kind of toy will she leave?"

"I don't know. A toy for big girls. She can't tell me because she can only jingle. It's ok though Daddy, she won't come tonight".

Then they watched the planes over our house for a little while, came inside, and went to bed.

So to me, this is pretty big. The fact that she's not running screaming when we mention that big girls don't need pacifiers, the fact that she brought up Tinkerbell...she might actually get there.

Motivational posters for toddlers. Now I've seen everything.

It's good news, it's definitely good news. I was starting to get a little concerned that she would be the kid who would be graduating from high school with her pacifier.

But it's one of her last little bits of babyhood. Slowly but surely, all those baby things have been left behind, and she's growing into more of a kid.  It's all good, but it's a little sad to - literally - pack up those last few wisps of my first baby girl.

But I'm coping with a little bit of overachieving moment seizing.  I feel like I need to (subtly) run with this.  I'll pick up a Tinkerbell box she can leave her pacifiers in when she's ready, and I'll need to figure out what the heck this big girl toy is going to be and get it hidden and ready on standby. Then, because I'm crazy, I'll probably go all nuts with a thank you letter from Tinkerbell and some glittery pixie dust to leave behind.

Where on EARTH am I going to find one of these?

I'm really proud that she is coming to terms with this big step. She's taken a "scary" concept and turned it into something she can handle and relate to. She knows that she's not afraid of Tinkerbell, and that maybe it won't be so bad. This thinking really shows she's growing up.

But I will really miss the end of these baby days.

Now that I've put this milestone in writing, I've probably completely jinxed it. I'll go out and buy a box, and stress out about a toy (or three!) and get all prepared and worked up...and she'll decide that no big girl toy is worth the loss of her blue pacifier. And someday she'll walk down the aisle looking like Maggie Simpson. Still, fingers crossed!
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