Tuesday, May 14, 2013

She's Not Playing Right!

The girls got up at 8:45 on Mother's Day. They clearly knew it was a special day for Mommy. I was able to shower, drink my coffee, and relax. It was awesome. 

Actually, all of Mother's Day was awesome. Adam and the girls did a FANTASTIC job of letting me relax and spoiling me rotten. The most stressful part of the day was BRUNCH, and the worst part is that I have to wait another 364 days for another one.

Well, they were back to normal today.  Early rising. Although I love having them run into my bed to cuddle with me, it does make it difficult to drink my coffee in peace. They're pretty needy creatures at the beginning of the day, and getting everyone fed, changed, dressed and packed up for the day doesn't leave a lot of time for relaxed coffee drinking.

I am MUCH happier when I get my coffee. You'd think they'd figure that out.

Today we stayed home. We didn't have any scheduled activities, errands to run, and it was a little chilly for a lot of outdoor play. These days happen occasionally, and they're kind of nice. We can put on a movie, stay in our pjs until we feel like getting dressed, and just play.

The girls are playing together now, which is generally a good thing...until they get on each other's nerves.

Madison is getting increasingly frustrated because Reagan isn't playing "right".

"Right" is defined as "how Madison is playing in that particular moment", not any official sort of ruling. Although Madison seems to feel it's pretty official.

She wants to play with Reagan.

Reagan wants to play with her.

They both want to play the same thing.

This should be easy, right? I can drink my coffee in peace!


Tea party?  Reagan wants to hold a cup and spoon. Madison wants to set out all the cups and spoons, get Reagan and all her toys sitting around, and pour tea. Once Reagan picks up a cup it might as well be over.

Dolls? Madison wants to be the mommy and put her "babies" in the high chair, stroller, bathtub, etc. She wants to undress and redress them. Reagan wants to pick them up and carry them around.  That leads to shrieking that Reagan woke all the babies up!

Beans. In the sensory table. No defined way to play at ALL. Still, Madison is getting frustrated that Reagan is scooping and pouring beans the wrong way.

It always starts the same way. Both girls will be playing with something. Madison will pull something out and call "Reagan, come play ______ with me". Reagan will drop what she's doing and run after Madison.

It always ends the same way. Madison screeches "Noooooooooo" like she is being attacked. Then she snatches whatever toy Reagan is holding away. Reagan starts crying and runs over to me.  Depending on the ferocity of the snatching, Madison might end up in time out.

It's one of those catch-22 situations. They want to play together. They want to play with the same thing.

And yet they are at two totally different stages of "play" right now. Playing together is going to frustrate someone. Or more likely, both.

Judging from a friend of mine who has kids with the same spacing, but who are slightly older, this situation will continue to play out for at least another year.

Think anyone would notice if I just take my coffee into the bathroom and close the door?

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