Monday, October 14, 2013

We All Have Our Parts to Play

My girls love their princesses.

They both have their favorites, but there are very few princesses they don't like. If they haven't seen the movie, they've probably heard the songs or read the stories.

We have all the little figurines from the Disney Store, and the girls will act out stories with them. Stories from the the movies and stories of their own invention - no matter what, it's adorable.

Madison has also got into the habit of assigning characters to members of the family. She'll tell us who she is, and then who we are.

Sometimes they make sense, but sometimes....

Well, let's explore, shall we?

Beauty and the Beast. Madison's favorite princess. Let's see who we all are.

Daddy: the Beast (ok, makes sense)
Madison: Belle (of course)
Reagan: the castle (yup, you read that right)
Mommy: Gaston

Really? I get that Madison wants to be the princess, and I can get behind her assigning whatever major boy role to Adam.

But the castle?

Me: Really? Shouldn't Reagan be Chip?
Madison: No, she's the castle, silly!

Of course. I'm the silly one here.

And Gaston? The mean, arrogant, bullying meathead? Not Mrs. Potts, the maternal influence?


Let's do another one.

Well, I fare better in this one.

Madison: Cinderella
Daddy: Prince Charming
Reagan: the pumpkin
Mommy: the fairy godmother

It could be worse. Reagan and I could be the step-mother and step-sisters. All things considered I do pretty well here. But poor Reagan...another inanimate object. Not a mouse, not a bird, a pumpkin.

Yes, I've been talking about this one a lot lately. Disney's doing a big push, so it's been on our radar.

Madison: Ariel
Daddy: Prince Eric
Reagan: Flounder
Mommy: the sea witch

A step up for Reagan, but I'm back to the big, evil, manipulative monster. Sigh...

A classic - and probably Madison's favorite movie. She might like Belle best out of the princesses, but she adores this movie. Let's see who we all are.

Madison: Aurora
Daddy: Prince Phillip
Reagan: the fairies (yes, all of them)
Mommy: Malificent

I'll admit, I pushed her a little on this one. She assigned Reagan to the castle again, but when I asked her WHOSE castle, she changed her mind and said "She can be the fairies". When I asked her which fairy, she said "the fairies". So there you are.

And I'm the evil one.

I love this movie. It makes me laugh. Madison claims that Rapunzel is Reagan's favorite princess. Nevertheless...

Madison: Rapunzel
Daddy: Flynn Rider
Mommy: Mother Gothel
Reagan: Pascal (the chameleon)

Me: Shouldn't Reagan be Rapunzel? You told me that's her favorite!
Madison: No. But she can be Pascal. 

Well, he's little enough. And hey, she could have said the tower.

Once again, I'm the mean one while Daddy gets to be the romantic hero. Sigh...

I think this is how we can sum it up:

Madison is the princess.
Daddy is the good guy.
Mommy is the bad guy (seriously, why does Disney hate adult women so much?)
Reagan is somewhere in the know, scenery, animal life, whatever.

Well, except for one...

One spot where Reagan gets the leading role and Mommy isn't the bad guy.

Because Reagan is so little, she gets the role of Tinkerbell, while Madison is Lizzie (the little girl who builds a fairy house).

Mommy and Daddy?

Clank and Bobble. The two smart, yet kind of clueless, tinker fairies.

I'll take it.

Do your kids like to playact with the characters they see on the screen or in books? Who do they identify with?
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