Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Volume 17

Another inadvertent break - I spent the week doing some projects to get MYSELF organized, and I think I've just about got it. I'm sure you missed me and my stories terribly!

Highlights of the Week(s)

Well, I didn't post last week, but I also didn't do a wrap up, so I have two old posts to remind you about. 

I got frustrated that every topic on social media seems to be a "hot button" topic where commenters start attacking each other. I'm not a debater by personality, but I can't imagine getting that fired up about some of these things even if I were. Sounds like a lot of you agreed with me that this was sort of stupid.

And this one is totally laughable. I posted about list making and all the things I planned to do when Adam was away for the week.

Then that night I had a rare bout of insomnia and got absolutely no sleep. When morning rolled around and I'd clocked about 45 minutes total I felt physically sick and was completely useless the rest of the day. I got nothing done, I basically allowed the girls to trash the house, and I was in bed about five minutes after they were. The next day I woke up refreshed and feeling better, but spent the rest of the week playing catch up. Good one, universe!

Noteworthy Happenings

Adam was away and we went about our weekly activities. Then he came home and we went about our weekly activities.

Wow, that's not much.

But I did start being able to get pictures of Reagan at gymnastics. That's extremely noteworthy. It wasn't too long ago that I couldn't let go of her for a second. She's still a good year younger - and a good year less experienced - than her classmates, but she's doing really well for a 1 1/2 year old.

If she holds her star instead of sitting on it to wait, she waits much more patiently.

And of course, the post workout lollipop.

And the fire truck visited Madison's preschool and apparently she had all the firemen and her teachers in stitches with her endless commentary and storytelling. Her teachers love to tell me all her witty banter when I pick her up. Perhaps she should start guest posting for me when I have writer's block?


No matter what I do on this actual blog, I always have fun interacting on Facebook. Facebook is being extremely persnickity however, and refusing to share my posts, unliking people from my page, and generally forcing me to bang my head against the wall in frustration. If you like all my little thoughts, head over and make sure you are still a fan, and make sure to interact so the Facebook gods know you are actually there because you want to be, and not because I'm forcing you or something. I'm all about free will.

Twitter doesn't do that, but more gets lost in the vast wilderness of Twitter. I know a lot of stuff gets missed.

I can't share everything I posted in two weeks, but here are some highlights.

I literally felt too sick and too tired to drink my coffee. What an awful day.

Some of you asked what we had. Answer? Turkey and cheese. I know, bizarre, right?

The "holding the baby" one cracks me up.

Ugh. Not only was Reagan upset, but every piece of paper I carry, plus the bottom of the bag was SOAKED.

Watch it. That's our kid.

I accidentally kicked it under the couch. Oops.

If you don't yet read Science of Parenthood, you need to.

Onto Season 2!

To be fair, I was doing blog stuff. Well, Facebook stuff. So it was totally productive.

I discovered NoMoreRack and I now have a serious addiction.

Bloggers to Check Out

I'm sharing four today! All well worth your time to visit.

Stephanie over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion (great name, right?)
Jen at My Skewed View
Jean at MamaSchmama reviewed a coffee mug from Science of Parenthood and I LOVED her post. I need this mug. Read it and laugh.
Finally, Jeannette at Mommy Needs a Martini was getting a little nervous about her 3 year old's first field trip, so she called her dad (an investigator). His subsequent email to her husband was hilarious.


I still haven't changed the picture. More accurately, we have not had pictures taken yet, so I can't change the picture. I'll get on that at some point.

My big blogkeeping notice is that I'm going to become extremely annoying for the next few weeks. On Friday night I got an email saying I'd been nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Family Blogs contest. I was in this contest last year and slid in at number 25. It was actually a great experience, and got my foot in the door as a real freelance writer, and despite my hate of begging, I've decided it's worth it. Since last fall I've put so much more work into the site that it would make me feel really bad if I didn't make it this year, so despite my honest hatred of self-promotion, I'm going to beg for votes. You can vote once a day. Please vote, share, all that good stuff!

I started writing for a site called Mommy HotSpot. Every other Tuesday you can wander over there and see what I have to say when I have an actual word limit. Remember how I struggle with 140 characters on Twitter? Well it turns out that 200-300 words aren't enough for me either.

I also found out that one of my posts is going to be featured in a BlogHer article coming out this Friday! I'm excited! Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, I'll be sharing it!

Have a great week!
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