Friday, May 22, 2015

Creating A Summer Oasis

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This summer is shaping up to be a good one.

With the girls now both old enough to play independently on the playscape, I am envisioning spending some of our summer days with a magazine and a glass of lemonade, sitting on the patio while they get their energy out. Not that I don't love playing with them, but I've been so envious when I've watched moms with older kids just sitting, enjoying a summer day, while the kids climb and slide and swing to their hearts content. Up until now, I've had to help the girls on the swings or master that final step to the top of the slide, which means that sitting is more of a jack in the box situation. I pop up and down and read the same sentence over and over.

But now I can finally enjoy our patio. Really enjoy it.

Two years ago, Adam and I made the decision to start sprucing up the exterior of our home. We took what was just a concrete slab with a narrow path of pebbles and created a beautiful bluestone patio and two wide paths.

Last year, after our glass table shattered, we replaced all our patio furniture. Everything is starting to come together.

The construction is done...the furnishing is it's time for the final touches. We're searching for just the right accessories to make this outdoor space a summer oasis. And by we, I mean me. Adam gets involved in the big stuff, but when it comes to accessorizing, he definitely passes the torch to me.

I'm an incredibly indecisive interior decorator, and not shockingly, that seems to apply to outdoors as well. Do I want these cushions or these cushions? This accent pot or that one? I like this one better on its own but that one goes better with these cushions. Do I have to match the shutters of the house to the patio? Should I go bright and summery? Classy and neutral?

Metal 3 Tier Rectangular Plant Stand Pedestals
I love the idea of something that pops for planting my herbs in.

Metal 3 Tier Rectangular Plant Stand Pedestals



Multi-Tiered Plant Stand
Or do I use this one and let the planters pop?

Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Thankfully, Wayfair lets you add as many products as you want to your idea boards, so you can group everything together to compare it (and ahem, send to your husband so he can look on his own time and hopefully give you an answer more helpful than "whatever you like is fine by me"). I've started an idea board, and it's helping. If nothing else, it's getting me moving, and that's good. Otherwise, just trying to decide on colors alone could take me until November.
Ikat Outdoor Throw Pillow
This outdoor pillow comes in several color combos that might add just the right pop.

Ikat Outdoor Throw Pillow

And I'd love to enjoy a good summer first.
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