Sunday, February 28, 2016

Can We Be Done With the Snow Already?

There is nothing I hate more than winter extending into March.

I can deal with snow in December. January. February. I grew up in New England. I understand our winters. But when we start hearing about winter-y mixes and possible accumulations once the calendar turns to March, I get annoyed. I'm done. March snow is messy and sloppy.

Not only that, but it seems like people are so done with winter that they forget how to handle it. We're lucky enough to have a neighbor who plows for us, but as winter drags into spring, they get a little lax. Last year, it snowed for Reagan's birthday party. Had it been January, we probably would have canceled and rescheduled. But by March, every single party guest showed up because they were so tired of snow days. The next week, after a March storm, our neighbor didn't plow because it was supposed to be a slushy snow followed by rain. It wasn't. It ended up freezing instead, and our driveway became an ice rink.

Stupid March.

Really, it seems like winter is on the way out this year. But because we all get a little lazier about handling the elements, and we always seem to get one winter relapse after the promise of spring, it never hurts to refresh the winter driving tips. Slushy snow is still snow after matter how badly we want it to go away.
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