Saturday, February 27, 2016

Keeping Clean

Yes, I'm whining about winter again. Every December I love looking at the first snow, but by the end of February, I'm over it. The fun of seeing the girls play in the snow is overshadowed by the sloppy mess that is everywhere. By February, there doesn't need to be snow on the ground to see the residual salt and sand. There have been days that I've been tempted to just stop mopping the kitchen until spring. Why bother? I mop, someone comes home, and instantly we've got sloppy footprints again.

(Is it me, or should I be in a Swiffer commercial?)

Anyway, the interior of my car may be a perpetual mess, because the girls seem to take a freshly cleaned interior as a challenge, but I do like to keep the outside looking decent. I'm all about appearances. Just don't look in the windows. Usually I'm pretty good about hitting the car wash every couple of weeks, and in the summer, it's fun to let the girls help wash.

In the winter, however, it's really hard to get the motivation to fork over money at the car wash, and the thought of spending time in the driveway washing my car in the cold of winter is downright laughable. If I'm considering a mopping ban, there is definitely a car washing ban too. It's another frustrating chore. Wash the slush and salt off, drive five minutes, and build up a new layer. Ugh.

But, like mopping the kitchen, I can't actually make myself go through with it for long. If you let it go, you're setting yourself up for a big mess. And there are plenty of good reasons to keep up with car washing in the winter.

And mopping.

And picking up.

And doing all those other chores that seem frustrating but need to be done.

And hopefully, spring will be here before we know it!
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