Thursday, October 20, 2016

Taking a Good Thing Further

Sundae Spa is one of those places that fills the dreams of many little girls. Sparkle and makeup. Colorful glitter and delicious scents. Nails and hair and glamour.

My girls got to experience this for the first time, and they were enraptured for their entire visit. A glitter tattoo. A colorful hair extension. A sparkly glow-in-the-dark manicure. A chance to create their own, one of a kind product. They learned about the science behind making products (all of Sundae Spas products are made onsite) and felt beautiful. And after all this, it was topped off by an ice cream sundae. The staff chatted with them about favorite colors and toys and music and movies and princesses, making it a perfect spa experience for them. They are itching to return and tell everyone they talk to how much they loved it.

Two days later, I returned to Sundae Spa to observe another group of kids experiencing the spa - this group from the CT Make-A-Wish foundation. Eleven kids with life threatening illnesses and conditions were treated to an afternoon of dress up and glamour and pampering.

As this group came in, they were shy. Maybe they were uncertain, or maybe they were overwhelmed, but the party room wasn't full of squeals like the room next door. They stayed close to parents and spoke very quietly. They pointed out little things here and there, but carefully, and cautiously.

Within two hours, this group was unrecognizable - not only from their eye kandy and manicures and dress up, but personalities had burst forth into a room now filled with pure joy. Just as my girls were, they were immersed in a place where sparkle and glitter were lighting up everyone around them. They chatted with the staff about favorite movies and music and colors and TV shows. They talked about birthdays and Halloween and what they loved. After enjoying their ice cream, boys and girls left with dress up clothes and fairy and superhero doors, all at no charge. It was a magical afternoon that I felt privileged to witness. From tiny two year olds to near teenagers, the transformation was truly nothing short of magical.

This gala event is kicking off something big. Kim Swan, the owner, is launching a campaign to take Sundae Spa on the road with a mobile spa that will come to kids who aren't well enough to visit on their own. This mobile spa will have all the amenities of the permanent location, as well as the ability to come to those who might need a pick me up after a rough bout of treatment but aren't well enough to make it to the two locations in CT.

Once the crowdfunding is completed, Wish Upon a Sundae Spa Mobile will travel to four east coast locations - Hartford, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. In each location they'll host fifteen children from the charity for a magical party of glitz and glamour, as well as auctioning off a party with all proceeds benefiting the national charity.

In addition, Sundae Spa is hosting a Mommy and Me Princess tea party on November 6, with all proceeds going toward the project and Make-A-Wish. This event includes tea time with plenty of treats, a meet and greet with five princesses, Eye Kandy makeup and a princess body glitter tattoo. Attendees can also be crowned by their favorite princess, and plenty of drawings for gift cards, 18" doll accessories, and retired Shopkins will be a part of the day. Limited tickets are still available, but they're going fast!

I was honored to be included in the kick off of this event. Every time I look at the pictures of my girls and these kids enjoying this experience, I'm reminded of how lucky I am, and how important it is to make sure that every kid can feel taken care of in every way - no matter what.
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