Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Down to the Last Detail

My Christmas planner might need some tweaking next year, but I already know that I love it and I'll be making this a thing from now on.

Yes, yes, we all know I'm a dinosaur when it comes to planners. I like my planners on paper and I like them big. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone, but the one thing it can't and won't replace is my planner. And this year, I took Christmas out of my regular planner, and I'm never looking back. It makes so much more sense to have everything holiday related in one place.

My Christmas planner includes:

  • A calendar section with two December month view calendars - one for events (shows, parties, outings) and one for the Elf and his locations. Next year I think I'll add a third with "deadlines".
  • A to-do list section with sub categories and deadlines. This one needs some tweaking for next year, but it includes:
    • Gifts (shopping lists aren't here, but inventory, wrap, group gift contributions, cash for babysitter and other tips)
    • Food (hosted meals, holiday contributions, baking plans, shopping lists, what needs to be transported when/where)
    • Decorating (broken down with each room)
    • Cleaning (boo)
    • Cards (picture, order, stamps, assemble, send)
    • Other (random - book babysitter for parties, buy tickets for holiday events, make sure the girls have appropriate outfits with tights and shoes that fit)
  • A gift section for each girl, Adam, family and other (teachers, friends, etc), plus a received gift section for thank you notes. I put what I bought, but also what I told family members to buy (so I don't forget and get them the same things - which I will totally do).
  • A card section for sent/received/new address notes.
  • A miscellaneous catch all section
I took a plain green notebook, pasted some printables I found online in to keep me organized, and decorated the cover. Next year, I'm already totally planning on splurging on an Erin Condren notebook with a holiday themed cover.

Am I ready? No. It's not magic. You still have to figure out how to do everything. But I'm an organized unready. I know what I need to do. I know what I probably won't have time to do. And I'm not (too) stressed.

Christmas planner for the win. (Well, Christmas planners and Bulletproof. Because coffee helps).

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