Monday, December 19, 2016

Hard to Shop For

We all have them.

There are certain people on my gift list that are just hard to shop for. Every single year, they give me issues.

What kills me is that they aren't people I don't know well. I know these people. I know they have likes and hobbies and interests. And yet they still stump me. Every single year.

Take my Dad. I mean, he's my dad. We're not talking about someone I know vaguely. I know he likes to ski. I know he likes golf. I know he likes Broadway shows. But every year, it's tough.

Or my brother-in-law. He likes cars. He likes anything related to his alma mater. But every year, it's tough.

In fact, the people I have the hardest time with are the people who have very defined interests and hobbies.

Because, when you think about it, they've probably gotten most of the generic, available in stores gifts at some point. The mugs with the clever sayings, the team apparel, the knick knacks and mouse pads and anything that can have a clever saying on it. And the stuff they really need for their hobbies - new bindings or golf club grips - they'll probably get for themselves. Those things aren't exciting, and you usually need to be pretty specific.

Fortunately, you can find a gift guide for almost any interest or hobby online these days. Adam helped me and I wrote one on what to get car enthusiasts. Since he is a car enthusiast, he assured me that any of these would be a unique and definitely appreciated gift!

Who is the hardest for you to shop for?
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