Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How Old Am I?

Last week I was grocery shopping, trying to remember what I needed when I'd left the list at home. I was wandering around, hitting aisles two and three times as I remembered ingredients I'd need for dinner and that I promised the girls I'd get marshmallows for hot chocolate. The head cashier, standing at the podium, watched me walk back and forth and probably wondered if my memory was on its way out and if I should be trusted to drive my own car home. She asked me, every time I passed, if there was something she could help me with.

Excellent customer service, but made my memory even worse.

So I left, feeling like a mess, and went next door to the liquor store to pick up some wine.

I wandered around there for a while. I picked out a few bottles, brought them up to pay, and pulled out my credit card.

The cashier looked at me, glanced at my card, and then, apologetically said, "honey, I'm going to need to see your ID".

My face lit up with delight. Really??

As soon as I looked thrilled she laughed and said, "OK, how far off am I? You're not over thirty, are you?"

And all I can think is, I love you.

Now, this is probably a combination of the fact that I was wearing an old college sweatshirt and a ponytail, instead of an actual youthful appearance. Just like I don't think anyone actually thought I looked senile, it was more that I was just wandering with a look of confusion.

Still, as a woman pushing forty, who was pretty confident she'd be returning home missing at least one key ingredient, it made me feel great.

Sometimes, keeping up the appearance is key, even when you think you're showing your age. I know that my car is nearing the end, but I still get a feeling of satisfaction when I cover up the little rusty spots or scratches, or tidy up the backseat.

Getting carded isn't going to make me younger, but sometimes, it's nice to feel like you've still got the world fooled.
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