Thursday, December 14, 2017

Timing is Everything

Timing can be such a pain in the butt.

When it's right, it's awesome. A sale at the furniture stores lines up with a bonus check, and suddenly, we've got new couches on the way (but still not HERE yet, because apparently we ordered very special furniture).

When it's not, it's a giant annoyance. 

Little things have been starting to go on my car for a couple of years now. Because we know we want a new car, we're picking and choosing what to repair and what to cross our fingers on. Right now, we're thinking it'll be any day now. We've got the budget figured out, we have the wants and needs and preferences. By all accounts, we could go and replace my car today.

The timing issue?

We have a Subaru. While there are things that annoy me about Subaru, the reliability and awesomeness in the snow can't be argued.

But Subaru didn't have a "big" family car. I have the five seat Forester, and the station wagon is considered "bigger", but it's still only five seats. Since I wanted a car with the ability to carpool or even just fit a third carseat to bring my niece with us, it seemed like Subaru was out. I comparison shopped and tentatively chose another model.

Then we found out Subaru was releasing a new seven seater. Since my father in law used to sell them, he was a bit more "in the know" and urged us to wait to check it out. They were supposed to come out at the end of the summer.

Then the fall.

Then at the end of 2017.

We are waiting for this new car to release, as more little things go wrong on my car, and trying to figure out if we can hold out until next summer and HOPEFULLY get one of the very first models.

Or, we decide now if we don't trust that timing will work, and a lease is the way to go to bridge the gap.

Right now, we're still torn. My car vibrates and rattles, but it drives. The interior is cramped and stained, but our family of four fits. And considering how long it takes us to make major purchases, it doesn't seem smart to plan on car shopping TWICE in the next couple of years.

So we're crossing our fingers, hoping there are no more delays, and cursing the timing.
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