Friday, December 15, 2017

My Fantasy Wish List

Adam and I recently spent a big old chunk of change on new furniture. We desperately needed it, we'd budgeted for it, but when that final bill was presented, it had both of us cringing.

Because we're pushing forty and we don't usually do big Christmases, we decided right then to make the furniture our Christmas gift to each other. Just sitting on our new sectional or recliner on Christmas morning would be the perfect gift. Obviously the girls will have their usual haul from us and Santa, but we don't need to stress.

Now since then we've shaken hands on two additional items - we will do stockings, and we're doing a "I don't wanna" gift - he's picking out the carpet for the family room without me, and I'm muling for him at Treehouse (a brewery he loves with strict can limits).

But I have to say, as I watch Christmas specials with the girls and get my fill of commercials, I do get those pangs of longing.

So, in my fantasy, what do I want?

1. I want that new car, chosen for me, in the driveway with a big bow. I want that fantasy of opening the tiny box, looking at the key and realizing what it means before we all pile out into the snow in our pajamas.

2. I want ONE professional deep clean on the house. Just one. I promise to keep up after that.

3. I want a finished basement. I'm not quite sure how that surprise will happen, but I want it.

4. I want the house decluttered and organized. Again, I promise I'll keep it that way. But I trust whoever is doing it to make the decisions.

5. I want clothes that fit well, are comfortable, and look fashionable.

6. I want a guilt free day - gift card shopping, paid for spa treatments, and delicious treats that I won't regret lately.

7. I want the ability to digest dairy back. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it.

8. I want my sitter's schedule to change, so it lines up with ours again. Another thing I didn't realize how much I'd miss until it was gone.

That's a lot. I'm having a definite Veruca Salt moment here, in my warm and comfortable house, soon to be looking fresh with new carpet and furniture that isn't structurally cracked. I'm able to stay home and homeschool the girls, and we are incredibly fortunate in that we don't need to worry about the day to day right now.

But sometimes, just fantasizing about what it would be like to get all those little things taken care of is enough.

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