Friday, June 22, 2018

Laying it All Out

I can't believe summer is finally here! I also can't believe that summer is already here.

Adam and I had all these plans for things we could do since we don't have dance nationals dictating summer vacation this year. We were going to go to Maine! No, we were going to go south! No, we were going to take a big trip! No! A few weekends! No!

Yeah, so now it's June and we don't have much planned. Truly, Adam and I are terrible planners when it comes to stuff like this. We really are. Once we actually decide and schedule and book, we're great at the little details. But when it comes to making the decision and taking the leap to get the trip ON the calendar, we stink.

But assuming we do get our trip out of the theoretical stages, I'm actually in pretty good shape with getting us ready. We've done enough road trips now where I know how to keep everyone happy.

For example, if it were up to Adam, we would attempt to spend the absolute least amount of time in the car with the absolute minimum amount of luggage necessary. He's a straight road, no stop, if you can't fit it in a carry on you don't need it kind of guy, and I'm a scenic route, plenty of breaks, be prepared for anything girl, so we've had to merge our styles a bit.

But we do know the basics now, just based on previous vacations. We make sure my old and finicky car is up for the challenge. We give the girls a budget, even teaching them the term "per diem", so they don't bug us for treats and souvenirs every few minutes. We plan our route and timing to make the day time driving interesting and save the boring parts for when the sun goes down.

We may not know where we're going yet, but we do know how we'll get there when we do!
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