Friday, June 22, 2018

Too Wired

The wires are taking over.

I had a moment of frustration the other night. Both girls have a kindle and a "phone". I have a kindle, a phone, and a fitbit. All of these devices charge in my bedroom overnight. The girls are definitely not allowed to keep anything in their rooms after bedtime, and having everything charge together seems like the right choice. BUT, this means that MY bedside table is full of rectangles with wires dangling about.

That's not mentioning the laptop plugged in on the dining room table (my makeshift office), the iPad that lives in the kitchen, and Adam's collection of personal and work devices, all of which need to be charged.

There are black cords streaming out from behind nightstands and tables and counters everywhere I look. That doesn't even take into account the chargers in the car (all necessary, naturally), or the appliances that actually need to be plugged in, like TVs and toasters.

For all this wireless world, my world seems to be full of wires. And they are ALL OVER.

I don't know how to remedy this. We need to keep things charged. I don't think we're overloaded, we seem to have a normal amount of "devices" and things that need electricity, but yet I don't see the clutter everywhere.

Maybe it's just that I'm trying so hard to declutter, and these wires, knowing they CAN'T be tossed out, and are just mocking me?

Maybe it's that I'm just focusing on the little things so I don't have to focus on anything big?

Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll figure out the solution!
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