Sunday, November 4, 2018

Figuring it Out

Google is totally my favorite thing about living in this time. Seriously. When my kids ask me questions like "why are those things called dumbbells?", I can say, "well, let's google it". And there you go. When I get frustrated with my computer, I can google a few different solutions and something is bound to work. I google search EVERYTHING.

In fact, it makes me annoyed when people ask me things and I know they didn't try googling it first. I mean, come on! I have one friend in particular who is always asking me questions. I google it and get an answer or a step by step tutorial INSTANTLY. I always reply with the passive aggressive, "well, a quick google search said to try..." or "I googled it and...." but if she realizes I'm taking a dig at her, she hasn't indicated that yet and she definitely hasn't stopped asking.

Part of my semi-introverted personality is that I don't love having to actual ask physical questions. I don't love calling the car dealership to ask questions (although my salesman could not have been nicer and more approachable), so I'd rather search online. Instead of wandering through stores asking associates, I'd rather search online to see where the thing I want is available. And instead of looking like an idiot at the Apple store, I google what to do when I don't understand my phone.

Anyway, both Adam and I are "figure it out" people. This can be good and bad. On the one hand, it's helpful. Rather than the two of us stewing over issues and wondering if we should call someone, we google what the issue is to see what our next step is.

And we now know exactly why dumbbells are called dumbbells. Random trivia everywhere!

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