Friday, February 15, 2013

Update time!

And...we're free!  As of Wednesday, we were no longer snowbound and back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Madison had school, we had art playgroup, Reagan and I ran errands, and I went to the dentist (and ended up with a surprise root canal that afternoon.  Not exactly what I was hoping for when I was itching to get out).  Even today, when we didn't have any scheduled activities, we went out for a haircut and leotard shopping!  We're going to have a few very busy weeks, because everything that we couldn't do during the snow (preschool visits, doctor appointments, etc) is now rescheduled.  But I would much rather have a full calendar than being forced inside.

Yesterday was "Mom Feels Inadequate Day", otherwise known as Valentine's Day in the days of social media.  I definitely wasn't up to par.  Adam and I barely celebrate Valentine's Day as it is.  We don't ignore it completely, but we're more of a card-and-maybe-a-little-treat-I-picked-up-while-I-was-out-today couple.  For example, this year, I got Adam Starburst jelly beans and Mike and Ikes, along with a funny card.  And he was thoroughly happy.  He gave me a funny card and some wine.  And I was thoroughly happy.  That's how we do things.

I know kids get in on Valentine's Day too, so I wasn't going to ignore it for the girls.  I mean, I worked in an elementary school for years and I know the kids loved all the treats.  So I got the girls each a little card and put a sheet of stickers inside, and I picked up some pink and red cupcakes for dessert.  Madison had art playgroup, so we stapled little notes to some cookies and fruit snacks for the five kids.  Easy.

Coloring hearts in art group.

But man, people go all out!  Big treat bags of gifts for the kids, heart shaped and pink dyed food, massive hand crafted Valentines.  I know a few people had been planning their treats all month (judging from status updates and Pinterest pins).  And naturally, they post on Facebook and I sort of felt like I dropped the ball.

Then I remembered that
a) My kids are little.  Reagan still doesn't "get" special days, and Madison won't remember them.
b) We're not an over the top family, and
c) Facebook and Pinterest are not necessarily accurate indications of the day. 

Madison making a Valentine with her stickers.  It was adorable...until Madison tried to take the stickers back.

So I relaxed.  I just had a Facebook inadequacy moment.  People posting about weight loss, big projects, Valentine's over-the-topness, and here I am, just happy to be back to normal! I honestly don't know how people find the time to do these amazing things.  But I need to stop comparing my life to other people's Facebook lives, and just keep on with life.  In the end, that will make me, and my family, much, much happier.

Anyway, here are some updates!

The Never Ending Cold: We are all completely healthy! (I'm not counting my tooth issue).

My Car: Ummm...ask me tomorrow.  I got behind on my chores this week and my front seat needs a little straightening up.  I was doing pretty well until the blizzard.  That bag in the trunk and the bag in my front seat are definitely helping, but right now I would definitely be embarrassed to have a passenger.

Organizing: Stay tuned for a more in depth post.  I was on fire for a little while, but I'm in a lull now.  I'm blaming the blizzard again.  I kept two little girls active and happy, and that definitely took a toll.  I did manage to get the pantry looking fabulous, and so far we've kept it that way. 

I also did a massive overhaul of the linen closet and under two bathroom sinks (master and kids'). That project took me the longest, because naptime was completely unreliable doing it, and since I was messing with cleaning supplies, medicine, and toiletries, and working directly outside the girls' bedrooms, I couldn't just leave things out.  I was also doing a big switch of where we kept things, and anyone who has ever undertaken a project like that knows that it gets a lot worse before it gets better. It was a huge mess, but it's done.  Is it surprising that right after that is when I lost my steam?

Kindle: Man, do I love this thing. I can't believe I held out so long.  (This may be why I've gotten unproductive.  I'm definitely spending some quality time with the Kindle after the girls go to bed). I got some Amazon money for my birthday and it's burning a hole already.  I've finished Gone Girl - definitely not what I was expecting! - and I'm ready for more suggestions.  (Oh, and I've watched two seasons of Downton Abbey.  How did I not know this show was so good?)

Resolutions: I'm a little embarrassed to admit what being snowbound did to my resolution to shower daily.  Let's just leave it at ... I didn't.  And I've spent a good chunk of time in yoga pants lately, although in my defense, we've been home.  I've also been really bad about eating breakfast. I'm sort of in a lull with these now as well.  I'm hoping it's just the winter doldrums and I'll get some motivation back soon.

Scentsy: I am finally placing my order tonight! I picked some scent packs and a buddy for Madison, so even if my car doesn't look great, it'll smell great!  If you haven't ordered, definitely look into it.  Reagan's buddy has been put to the test lately, but her scent pack in Ollie is still going strong.

I've got some plans for the coming weeks: at least TWO giveaways, among other things.  I finally am able to update Facebook from my phone, so I've gotten to share some pictures that get me laughing, and I'm happy to see so many can relate!  Here comes my big question though...what do you hope I share in the next few weeks?  Anything that you wish I'd write about?

Not sure what's going on at Circle of Moms right now.  They merged with PopSugar and for the time being are not accepting any articles from bloggers.  The two they've published are still there while they decide how the merger will impact the bloggers.  Definitely check out my articles, share them, comment if you like.  There's not much I can do except wait it out, but I'm hoping they decide to keep me on and having relevant articles will help me a lot.

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