Friday, June 7, 2013

A Glimpe into Reagan's Mind

Well, kind of.

This is a glimpse into Madison's version of Reagan's mind.

I don't know how much Madison really understands about this blog, but she does know that I write stories on my computer, and that lots of them are about her. When we did her interview a few days ago, I told her I would share it with my friends, and that made her very excited. She started insisting that I tell people all about Reagan too.

I told her that Reagan couldn't answer, because she's not a big girl yet, and Madison said,

"That's ok Mommy. I'll do it for Reagan".

Anyone still wondering why Reagan isn't talking much yet?

So here we go...what Reagan is thinking (at least, from Madison's point of view). It's like the Newlywed game for sisters.

1. How old is Reagan? She's 1! She's just a little baby!

2. What’s Reagan's favorite color? Um, I don't know. Her shirt is purple. Just like Sofia.

3. What’s Reagan's favorite toy? Her ice cream!

4 . What’s Reagan's favorite fruit? Grapes. I mean, oranges. Like me.

5 . What’s Reagan's favorite TV show?  Sofia. Reagan watches Sofia.

6 . What’s Reagan's favorite thing to eat for lunch? Mac and cheese, just like me!

7 . What’s Reagan's favorite outfit? A shirt. And a diaper. Because she's a baby.

8 . What’s Reagan's favorite game? Reagan is too little for games. Those are big girl toys.

9 . What’s Reagan's favorite snack? Fruit snacks! Reagan doesn't eat these yet, or so I thought. Turns out she's been stealing Madison's lately.

10 . What’s Reagan's favorite animal? It must be an elephant.

11 . What’s Reagan's favorite song? A violin song.

12 . What’s Reagan's favorite book? The peek-a-boo book we read! Lift the flap word book.

13 . Who’s Reagan's best friend? Me! Madison!

14 . What’s Reagan's favorite thing to do outside? Climb on my playground!

15. What’s Reagan's favorite drink? Apple juice.

16 . What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas. Just like me. Mom, let's show Reagan the Christmas movie.

17 . What does Reagan like to take with her to bed at night? Reagan has a binky and a bear.

18 . What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Pancakes and bananas.

19 . What does Reagan want for dinner on her birthday? Reagan already had a birthday. She's all done.

20 . What does Reagan want to be when she grows up? She wants to be a big girl and grow in the garden with me.

I may have had a few different answers, but since I was surprised by a few of Madison's, I'm going to defer to her on this one! These girls are as close as close can be, so I'm willing to bet Madison has great insight!

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