Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Inaugural Weekly Wrap Up

Although my house may not always show it, I'm an organized person. I like things to be "finished". To be tied up.

Lately, I've been feeling like I have some posts with loose ends. I wanted a place to tie those up without cluttering up the bottom of each post with all sorts of italicized non sequiturs.

I also know that Facebook keeps changing things for bloggers - basically, they want me to buy advertising, which is just silly. I've tried to be savvy and put all my blog post links in the comments, but the fact is that even my furthest reaching post is getting to only about 60% of my followers.

Therefore, I decided to follow the lead of some great bloggers, and put a bow on the week every Sunday. I'll share some quick stories that weren't worthy of a full post, highlight what I posted on Facebook, tie up the loose ends on posts I've written, share some great bloggers who wrote wonderful things, and do all those "blogkeeping" (Thank You Crappy Pictures) things that will get me ready for the week.

Highlights of the Week

This week, I shared an interview I did with Madison, and one Madison insisted I do on behalf of Reagan. Several people suggested I ask Madison how old she thought Mommy and Daddy were. I'm glad to report that Madison underestimated and made Mommy happy. According to Madison, I am 4 and Daddy is 5. Of course, she followed this up by telling me that I am not allowed to take baths because I'm too big for the bathtub. That did not make me happy.

I was also lucky enough to get a horse on Ninja Mom's Character Assassination Carousel. Not going to lie, I was terrified to join that amazing group of bloggers. However, the book I chose to heckle is one that really bothers me. I assassinated Duck For President and had a great time doing it. I also need to point out that when I went to put the book back in Madison's shelf, she put it back in the hallway and told me she didn't like that book. Always good to feel like your choice was validated.

I had a resurrection on Circle of Moms. Not only did my two original articles make a comeback, but they finally posted the third that they had accepted back in February. It was a timely resurgence, because I realized that I am a much more frazzled mom when I don't get my time off. I'm happy to report that I took some time for myself twice this weekend. Hoping it gives me the energy to deal with two girls with boundless energy!

Noteworthy Happenings

Madison met Chris Berman (aka "Boomer") and told him "Circle the Wagons". If you're not a Bills or ESPN fan, that won't mean much to you, but Adam was pretty excited.

Reagan started climbing the sides of the pool steps like a ladder, then swinging through them like uneven bars. After I got over my heart attack, I started counting down the days until I can enroll her in gymnastics.

I learned the importance of the drainage hose on the washing machine after it detached itself and flooded the laundry closet on Wednesday - the one night that Adam was out of town this week. I chose to look on the bright side and enjoyed my day off from laundry, and thankfully it was an easy fix.

Hint - this hose should NOT be on top of the machine.

Great Things to Read

Amy over at Funny is Family (who happens to be my neighbor, which I'm ridiculously excited about) shared some of the surprise benefits of having kids.

JD Bailey at Honest Mom (a big blog crush of mine) shared her thoughts on goody bags - making me just a little bit paranoid about putting Madison's together.

Jessica at Domestic Pirate (a new blog find for me) posted an amazing response letter to someone who chose to make some passive aggressive judgmental digs at her. I wish I could be this eloquent and forgiving when someone makes a snarky comment to me.

On Facebook

While clearly ignoring my children (if you read Jessica's post, you'll get that), I shared these things on Facebook. I also got really excited because my page broke 300 likes this week (not like there's a prize or anything, but it makes me feel happy).

From Tara over at You Know it Happens at Your House too

Madison also became obsessed with two older men.

And Toddlers and Tiaras filled me with warm fuzzies - because compared to those ladies, I'm a great mom.

I also read a beautiful quote from Positivity. I never share these kinds of things, but I loved this one.

This is a classic Facebook fail. Only 23 people saw that I shared this.

I almost feel like I should write all this in italics, since this is the kind of stuff I'd usually stick at the bottom!

I'm still undecided on what I'd like to call this weekly wrap up. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I might like to write, but I'm horrible at thinking of creative titles.

I picked up a new affiliate this week - Highlights magazine! Remember, from the dentist when you were about 7? Goofus and Gallant? Mail just for you? Well it's still around, and they now have magazines for little guys too! I was so excited to chat with them this week and I couldn't wait to post their link in my sidebar! Fair warning - if you click that link and subscribe, it gets me a very small kickback. I promise though, I wouldn't put it there if I didn't think it was worth it.

Finally, as a treat for you, because I'm feeling really positive this week, I am doing a gift card giveaway. I do internet surveys from time to time, and I recently did one that earned me a $10 gift card. I decided that I would give it to one lucky reader as a thank you! No sponsor, no review, just a chance to get a little spending money. Yes, you can enter if you know me in real life. Yes, you can enter if you stumbled here accidentally. No restrictions, just enter through rafflecopter!

Happy Sunday, and have a great week!

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